Monday, July 26, 2010

Back and Recharged.

So last night was redemption night. After 3 days off to recharge, so to speak with 3 very active kids and a baby, I worked last night in the ED.
Not only did I ensure that I was very proactive and wanting to show that I am a hard worker but I also wanted to gauge from the residents whether or not what the attending said had any merit. I have come to the conclusion that no. I do belong in the ED and I do work hard and I am very proactive.

Everyone asks me how I can do it with 4 children at home. And while I work very hard at medical school and try to spend time with everyone, I have to give all of the credit to my wonderful wife. She is like a single mother when I am either studying for boards or when I am on my rotation.

I try to spend time with everyone as much as possible. And I try to do it in a fun way and not feel that I am obligated, because I really want to spend time with my children since in the next blink the house will be empty, but I want them to feel that I WANT to be there. So the other day, when I was off I set up my laptop and had my photo program and my itunes open so that each girl can have a "photo shoot" with the music of their choice. Then we looked at all of the pictures together and put stories to them and even played music in the background to them. And while the whole thing took about an hour, they loved it and I will always cherish it.

You can spend all day with your children and if all you are doing is watching television or are on the computer, it will not matter because that is not quality time. I believe in quality and not quantity. Sure when I am done with school it will be a little more and when I finish residency it will be even more, but my girls will not stay 9, 6, and 4 until I am done. The above pictures are only 3 of the many we took during the "photo shoot".

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  1. I agree with you on the quality time versus quantity time with the kids...they do grow up too fast.