Monday, September 27, 2010

COMLEX is over

So I took my COMLEX CK on Friday. I started the exam at 9am and I finished at 5:30pm including all of the breaks. In the end I took my time, unlike the COMSAE and never finished before time was up. I always reviewed some of the questions that I worried about but unless there was a very good reason I refrained from changing my answer.  I will not know the results of any exam for 4-8 weeks. In the meantime, there is nothing else I can do but to relax for the next few days until I start my next rotation this coming Thursday. 

I also need to prepare for my upcoming interviews. I found out who I am interviewing for 2 of them, now I need to find out who I am interviewing for the last. Then research them and prepare my questions. I also have to go out and buy a new suit for these interviews. 

With only 7 months to go before graduation, I am so glad that this part of my life is coming to a close. Where I can finally practice medicine and my family can finally be financially stable. I was talking with father who is working his tail off,  as he always has. Hopefully my parents will move down to Cherry Hill soon so that we (my family, my brother's family, and my parents) can all be together more easily. My father has always wanted more for us and I am glad that he is happy. He has worked very hard and he sees his hard work paying for in both my brother and I. 

This weekend was also very nice because I fulfilled a couple of promises to my girls. My 4 year old, Rebecca has been asking and asking for me to play Candyland with her. And because I was studying it wrenched my heart out to tell her No. But, as promised, Saturday we played 3 games of Candyland. And she was in heaven. This is what I try to tell other parents who want to go to medical school. That at times you are going to have to say no to your kids but then you need to fulfill promises and do it with you entire heart. When I prepared the games, it was with my 3 eldest girls. I prepared a snack tray, got them milk and we played. They had a lot of fun beating me all 3 times. And that is worth it. Yesterday, I promised my wife to take a day trip and we did. We went to Ocean City NJ. It was a really nice place, and there was a bonus for me: The Corvette Show!!!!!!! At least 50 corvettes of all ages were on display. And while we did not play mini gold, we did go to the little amusement park there and I rode a couple of rides with my girls. In the end, it was a very lovely day. One of the best times was being able to take Aviva, my 9 year old on the bumper cars and all I did was step on the pedal. She did all of the driving. While I wanted to take Rebecca, I could not because she was too small. So I took her on the Carousel instead and we talked about the bunny she was riding and where she was going on that bunny and what the name of the bunny was. Michelle went on a "free fall" type of ride and while she was scared on the ride, she was excited enough to go again. I wish my had a camera to take pictures. I guess I will go on e-bay. 

 Again, Quality time over Quantity of time. that is what you need to remember while you are in school and you have small kids. They will not remember that you spent 6 days with them but that entire time all you were doing was watching television or folding clothes. But if you spend an afternoon with them playing a board game while you take a break from studying, THAT they will remember forever and THAT is what they will want to do with you. My 6 year old is already picking out the next board game. I will pick up another board game and we can go it again. 

It will be nice to be able to give them more as I move on in my career. It will take time, but we will be there. 

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