Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The day after and 1 more to go

So here I am, status post taking the COMLEX PE (physical exam). It was just like what I did at school and I am glad that I was able to practice with my friend for a couple of weeks. I was able to get just about everything I wanted to do in the given time. But there were a couple of notes that I could have written had I had more time. But there is nothing I can do now. So I am 50% done with my COMLEX II. Now the big one is coming on Friday.

I have been studying my head off. Doing >2000 questions. Hopefully it will yield at least a decent passing score. I need to remember a couple of things that I learned after taking on the COMSAE or the self assessment exam: #1. Take my time. There is no need to rush. I should adjust my speed to maximize my time and use all the time given to me. And this is very big. It will give me a chance to think and to you ensure that my answer makes the most sense. Of course there will be questions with conditions that I have never heard of, but those I will just try and move on. #2. I reviewed and prepared. The material is in my head, I just need to access it.

It will be nice to not have to study all of the time now. I mean of course I need to keep up with my reading for my rotations but at least COMLEX will be behind me and hopefully done with. That will leave me more time to spend with the family. We are hoping to have a nice family outing on Sunday and I promised Rebecca that I will play Candyland with her, and I will.

One of the hardest parts of going to medical school right now is not having enough time to spend with my girls. But they also know what I am doing this for and that it is almost done. Sure it would have been easier to do this right after college but I was young, Idid not do well during my first year of college and more importantly, there is NOTHING I can do about it. I cannot travel through time and fix it. It is done and that is that.

I am keeping my eyes on the prize which is match and then graduation. After that, I have some plans but I want to first think about the immediate future.

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