Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Test Day!!!!!

I am taking my first of 2 boards this afternoon. Today is the CS or clinical skills portion of the boards where I will be seeing standardized patients from 2:30pm-9:30pm.

then on friday is the CK, clinical knowledge or written portion. I have been studying my brains out and my practice session (1/2 of a real exam) was not stellar at all. It was a pass, but it is with a very small margin and I am totally freaking out. There are 6 areas that need work. And started working on them right away.

I just need to remember to calm down, calm down, calm down. I should take all of the time alloted to me as there is no extra points for finishing fast.

I guess I am very frightened that I will fail the exam and all of the hard work that I put in during these last 4 years will be in vain and I will be in a ton of debt. Last night I was hard pressed to get a good night's sleep. Nerves from both exams were not allowing my brain to get some rest.

I have done everything I could to prepare and I have to have faith in myself that I will succeed. Just like the MCAT, I cannot let this exam psych me out. It is a stepping stone to my career. I have the key, which is the knowledge in my head and now I need to open the door.

Thanks for listening.

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