Sunday, October 3, 2010

Back in the ED

So I started back on rotations the other day and I am on nights right off the bat. My girls by now are used to Daddy leaving after they go to bed and coming home when they are up watching cartoons. They are great about being quiet enough for me to sleep in the morning. Although, by the time I wake up, the day is 1/2 over. Luckily this is not a common event.

Now that most of my exams are over, I can take the time that I have off and spend it with the family. We went to Ocean City, NJ last week and this week the girls went to the zoo with my in-laws. I, of course, was sleeping so I did not go. But we are looking forward to doing things as a family again. Now that the weather is nice, we can go pumpkin picking, carve the pumpkins, and enjoy walks around the neighborhood. One big question that many non traditionals with kids worry about is not being able to spend time with their kids and feel that maybe their kids will be upset. Well, let me tell you something that I did last week that will illustrate how far from the truth that is.

Last weekend, it was after my boards exams and I was watching my kids play out in the front yard. Since we live right near the public library, I know when it is open or closed. Well, at about 6pm, the parking lot was totally devoid of cars. So I finally told Michelle to get her bike and I will teach her to ride 2 wheels. Since there are no cars there, she does not have to worry about hitting any cars. After maybe 20 minutes, she got it and took to it like a duck to water. And every chance she gets she rides her bike. Now here is the best part, she comes running at me when I get home from the hospital and is yelling "Daddy, I was riding my bike on 2 wheels and it is great. Did you see me when you got home!!!!!!" she is in heaven.  Of course, I have 1 rule that is not allowed to be broken. No helmet, no bike.

Aviva on the other hand did not want to ride her bike. Although I will still insist she learn to ride on 2 wheels. Rather she wanted roller blades. The other day, it was her turn for the daddy and me outing. So without telling her, we went to Target. When we got there, I told her she can buy her roller blades and she was excited. But the best part came after we bought the blades. We sat down at the starbucks, her with a hot chocolate and me with a decaf and we chatted. There was no rush, and there was nothing else. MY attention to 100% hers and we talked about only what she wanted to.

As you see my fellow nontrads, there is no reason to think that your children will be may at you because you are in medical school and constantly studying. If you make the time, and believe me you CAN make the time and you SHOULD make the time, then they will love you for it. You cannot study 24/7, your brain needs a break.

A little plug, my best friend turned me on to a great CD to help with studying. I have used it every time I studied and I felt more focused and seemed to remember things a bit better. It is not an end all be all in that if you listen to this with your pathology book under your pillow that you will be acing your exams. You still need to put in the work, but this CD will help break the silence and not be distracting. I will continue to put material on the blog with items that I felt worked for me. Remember,  just because it worked for me does not mean it will work for you. (My disclaimer).

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