Friday, December 17, 2010

Could be the end of Interview Season?

So I finished my last scheduled interview earlier this week. In total I had 6 interviews, and while I would like to at least have had 9 or 10, the fact of the matter is that you only need 1 nod and you are in your residency.  This last interview was a little more challenging as I was asked questions that I did not anticipate and therefor did not prepare. So I will talk a little bit about how I prepared for my interviews.

To begin with, I applied to as many places as I could have within a 1-1.5 hour driving radius as the boss (aka the wife) told me that we are not moving. Or at least, that is the DEFCON 1 option. So when I received the invitation I ensured that I was prepared.

I started off by going to the website of each institution and program. I spent at least 1 hour looking around the website. Looking at the community that they tend to serve,  seeing how many patients they see annually, looking to see if the hospital has a special niche. For example, is it a level 1 trauma center, does it have a cancer center, is it known for bone and joints, etc. Then I looked at the services that were offered to the community. What kind of resources were available? Then I looked at the residency program. I wanted to look for the curriculum. How long was each rotation, was there elective time and if so how much and where. Look to see where graduates of the programs went to, what type of specialty did they get and where. What kind of benefits are there, do they give you a stipend for books, meetings, conferences, if I was able to find out who I was interviewing with I did several searches to see if they had published any literature. And I read the papers when I could. And finally, I made sure that I thought about and wrote down at least 7-8 questions.

What I have found with this strategy is that the people that you interview with realize that you took the interview seriously. That you made the effort to research them and you care. I always say that if you do not have any questions, then you did not prepare enough because there is no way to know everything about the program.

So now, as in medicine, comes more waiting. The Osteopathic match is not until February 14th. So until then I have to wait. I need to sit down with all of the information I garnered from the interviews and I need to put together a ranking list for the match. In the meantime, I will be continuing to go on rotations. I will be happy to do something other than emergency medicine. I did some family medicine, I will be doing some internal medicine, infectious diseases, cardiology. I need to set up a surgical subspecialty and I may just do it in plastic surgery. I am so looking forward to being able to spend more time at home and relax before residency starts. I cannot wait,  just over 5 months to go.

Right now I am doing something I have not done in a long time. Read for entertainment.

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  1. Good luck on finding a great job. It sounds like you did great research on them. I think they will like this too.