Saturday, September 10, 2011

in the ICU!!!!!!!!!! Love it.

So I am in what we call a "Golden Weekend". The first weekend in almost 2 months that I don't have to work either day. I was actually able to not only sleep in today, but I can look forward to doing it tomorrow.

Last month I was in the ICU and loved every minute of it. I was able to put in central lines, write orders, evaluate patients, but I also had the unfortunate responsibility to pronounce 3 patients, with family in the room.

I have been learning a TON in my program so far. I was also involved in several family meetings regarding the potential outcomes of the patients and having to tell the families that there is almost no chance of any meaningful recovery and that we would recommend comfort care and letting the patient die comfortably with no more invasive tests or procedures. While some families have agreed, others hold out hope beyond hope that things will change. I learned that with families who want everything done, the only way for them to come to the decision that they should let their loved one die peacefully is with time. But we never give them any false hopes.

Right now I am in the Surgical ICU, which in my program is my surgery rotation. Makes more sense than my doing surgical consults or being in the OR since I do not want to do that. Rather I take care of the patients Post operatively with the intensivist. So not only am I still doing ICU but I get 1:1 time with the attending and therefor get teaching.

This was great because it solidified my decision to go into critical care medicine. One day I am up to my neck in new admissions, 2 code blues, 3 lines, the next day I discharge 4 patients and pronounce 2. The next day, the unit is sparse and the hospital is quiet. Only to be broken by a rapid response.

But the hours are a killer. I have put in, on average, 75 hours a week. The one week I was actually over the limit with 85 hours. But I am so happy that it does not bother me. It really is true, I am not working. I am enjoying my new career.

But it really is weird, when someone calls me who does not know and I hear, "Dr., would you like some saline for this patient?". and all I can think is, holy crap, they are talking to me.

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