Sunday, September 23, 2012

2nd year of Residency

So here I am. It has been quite a long time since I updated this blog, mostly because I have been so busy that I am spent at the end of the day and was too tired to update anything and on the weekends, when I do have off, I am catching up on my sleep or family time. But I can tell you that it is great being a second year medicine resident.

To begin with, I have a lot more confidence in myself and my abilities to treat my patients. This all comes with experience. The more patients that you see, the more that you will understand things. Even more experience came when I was doing all of the admissions. During that rotation, I would be the one who would come up with the assessment and plan and then discuss it with the attending. Most of the time, my plan was right on. Other times, there could have been something better or something was added that should not have been. For example, Vancomycin to a patient who should have had a level first. However these things come with the territory. This is all in keeping with my goal this year.

Last year, my goal was to become a good intern and now this year my goal is to become a good resident. So far, the only thing that has been commented on by my attendings is that I have to read more. But then again, so does everyone. Once I am able to do that, then I will be golden. The issues is trying to come up with a schedule that works. What I am going to be trying is to read for about 1-2 hours per night after 9pm when the kids are in bed. This is not always achievable. Because of course, the kids do not always go to bed at the pre-determined time and of course there is always wife time that needs to be had.

My goal for this year is to really get more into a hobby. I am either going to work or I am at home and sleeping. One reason I am able to update this blog is because I am on vacation and since I have no boards to study for this time, I am able to really relax. So I did what any good doctor does, I played golf and fished. I have to work on both of these things. I am not ready for any PGA tour but I did have a lot of fun. And will not win any tournaments with my little large mouth bass that I caught but as they say, a bad day of fishing is certainly better than a good day at work. Even though I love my job, I love to golf and fish.

On the financial front, the plan is to keep our heads above water just long enough until I am done with residency and I can get an attending salary for a few years. Give us some breathing room. But always remembering to take advantage of discounts and there is nothing wrong with refurbished products, especially if they come from the factory. There is nothing wrong with the products and they are usually cheaper. Besides, there is no reason to get it right away and hold off until all of the hype dies down and then the prices will follow.

I hope to update more often but I cannot promise anything since I know do 24 hour shifts.


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